Google Ads Management

Our team are accredited with Google and specialise in Google Ads, Google Shopping, Remarketing, YouTube Ads, and the Google Display Network. Work with us to have Google Ads campaigns that gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, get you more leads and sales.


Guaranteed Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

For businesses with ambitious growth targets, a profitable Google Ads campaign is often a top priority.

Getting your website to rank at the top of Google for your most important search queries usually takes months, if not years. Google Ads is a fantastic way to position your business at the top of the search results straight away.

Not only that, but optimised Google Ads will increase your CTR (click-through-rate), and when coupled with an expertly crafted landing page, full of killer copy, they drive valuable conversions.

But not all Google Ads campaigns are created equally.

While a well-devised Google Ads strategy can do wonders for your business, a poorly managed or ineffective campaign will drain your finances without making a difference to your website’s performance.

The trouble is, great Google Ads campaigns aren’t simple or quick to set up. That’s why expert Google Ads management services are a worthwhile investment.

That’s why we’re here.

At Digital Wise, we have nearly a decade of Google Ads experience and our experts are fully accredited with Google. We know how to run Google Ads that get your business the exposure, clicks, and conversions it deserves.

We can take care of all aspects of your ad campaigns, from setting up the campaign, reviewing and optimising live ads, bid management, and ad copy creation. We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the best results for your business.

Even once your campaigns are up and running and bringing in sales, we don’t stop there. We’re obsessed with achieving the very best results so we monitor your ad campaigns and — through a process of constant testing and refinement —  maximise your return on investment.

At Digital Wise, our friendly experts personally manage your PPC campaigns. They know what they’re doing, and love what they do. We use tools to research, report and monitor, but Google-certified PPC professionals do the work.

We’re here to increase your traffic, grow your revenue and hit your business goals with our Google Ads management services.

A Reliable Google Ads Agency That Cares about Your Business

We have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses increase their traffic and website leads and sales. We have achieved this by using regularly tried-and-tested pay-per-click marketing strategies.  We manage millions in spend per month.

Every Google Ads campaign we run focuses on the one thing that makes a difference to your business: driving leads and sales. Because our clients are never tied into a long minimum-term contract, this focus on leads and sales is what keeps them with us.

We love nothing more than hitting our CPA targets and seeing a client grow, scale and expand their business. The buzz and sense of achievement that knowing we’ve contributed to that growth brings is hugely addictive.

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How We Do Google Ads Management

We have years of Google Ads experience and some incredible success stories of businesses we’ve helped to grow and exceed their goals.

Our amazing team of PPC Ninjas are results-driven, and they have the skills, experience and expertise needed to get your business consistent and measurable results.

Google Ads Campaign Auditing

Already have existing Google Ads campaigns that aren’t converting? We’ll provide you with a deep analysis of your Google Ads campaign’s performance and look at improvements that can be made to give that performance a much-needed boost.

Campaign Setup

We take care of the end-to-end setup of a wide range of Google Ads campaigns.

We are experts in setting up various successful and profitable campaigns, including search ads, product listing ads (PLAs or Google Shopping ads), display ads, remarketing ads, RLSAs (Remarketing Lists for Search ads) and YouTube ads.

Campaign Management

Whether you already have a set of Google Ads campaigns that need some TLC or you need a completely new set of campaigns creating, we can regularly manage your campaigns for maximum profitability.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is absolutely vital for the overall success of your pay-per-click campaigns. Without it, we’re essentially bidding in the dark. That’s why we make sure conversion tracking is set up correctly. With this in place, we can accurately gauge how your campaigns and landing pages are performing and make any relevant optimisations.

Ad Copy Creation

We write super-effective Google Ads copy that sums up your business and your brand’s tone of voice and encourages people to click through to your website.

We’ll also regularly test ad performance, tweaking the text or adding new variations to ensure we constantly remain ahead of the game.

Landing Page Development

Every time we see Google Ads directing people to weak landing pages, we recoil. For ad campaigns to get real revenue-increasing results, they need to be accompanied by compelling landing page copy.  We take landing pages seriously.

Our expert Copywriters can write landing pages that capture your brand voice and values. With off-the-chart, impressive copywriting, they’ll get through to your visitors on a deeper level and — most importantly — sell your products.