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Digital Wise will help you develop new products and services that customers can't resist. We’ll get you from concept to certified product, ready to manufacture, much sooner than when you work alone.

The Wall of Ideas

Product Development

How we can help you

With a cross-functional team of product designers, product managers, engineers and technologists  we can help you take a product from idea to market fast.

Here's what we can help with:

Idea Generation & Brainstorming - identifying and developing new business opportunities based on consumer insights, marked research and competition analysis.

Product and service design - designing beating and innovative product concepts and supporting services based on advanced human factors and market insights.

Technical feasibility assessment - assessing your technological capabilities to convert ideas to tangible products, and development technical solutions based on advanced technology.

Product development- helping you build the actual products and work together with your teams to achieve the desired results.

Product Management

How we can help you

Our team can do the heavy lifting for you and merge with your organization and teams in order to manage and scale your product management activities. Either building your product management function from scratch, or working with your in-house teams, Digital Wise can help you take your product to the next level by setting a product vision, defining a product strategy and developing a roadmap that meets both company goals and user needs.

Here's what we can help with:

Idea Management- Idea management is the process of collecting and growing new ideas to solve existing problems and discover new opportunities. It is the cornerstone of product management.

It’s the earliest stage of product development, where ideas are collected from around the company, evaluated and considered for the product roadmap.

Ideas come in different forms from around your business:

  • customer feedback

  • feature requests

  • problems

  • product suggestions

Managing these ideas means maintaining a backlog of ideas where you can identify innovative ideas, product  review, evaluate and make strategic decisions around the ones you want to move forward with. You can then develop them into product specs and send them into development.

Effective idea management is the result of making it as simple as possible for your entire teams to contribute to the future of your product.

Product Roadmap-  Your product roadmap is your company's journey to meet your product vision over time. We can help you build and communicate in an ongoing basis where your product stands today, the direction in which it’s moving and how you expect to get there. 

We will help you define your product strategy, including:

  • Business goals and objectives

  • Product areas

  • Order of priorities

  • Scope

Prioritisation-  Prioritisation is the ongoing process of deciding what should be built when, based on what will bring most value to your customers.

Priorities sit on your product roadmap and should be continually reviewed and adjusted to reflect market changes.

We can help you develop a clearer picture of which ideas will bring the most value and how much effort they will take to implement, working either with your internal teams or independently with our group of experts.

Delivery- Delivery is the point at which complete product specifications are handed over to development team or engineers to be designed, built and implemented.

At Digital Wise, we ensure that we develop ideas with as clear specifications as possible in order to make the transition to development as seamless as possible. 

In our checklist for delivery, we can deliver:

  • Technical specifications

  • Prototypes

  • Design mockups

  • User stories and feedback

Analytics & Experiments- In this phase, experiments are run and analytics are tracked in order to continually test and improve your product and understand what’s truly of value to your users.

Here are some examples of some specific metrics  that we can integrate and use to help you monitor your product's success:

  • Acquisition KPIs: Did your users visit and arrive as intended?

  • Engagement KPIs: Did your users interact with and enjoy the change?

  • Retention KPIs: Did your users come back?

  • Growth KPIs: Can you track that your users spread the word of your product?

  • Revenue KPIs: Did the change generate $$?

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The Wall of Ideas