We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers and designers who identify, launch and scale digital businesses.

Prototype Designer

How we Build

Our unique model gives us a proven formula for optimizing the path to success while spurring a flywheel effect that allows for repeatability.

01. Ideate

2-5 days

Our professional R&D team starts the project with market research that embraces competitor investigation and target audience exploration. We build an MVP strategy, create a product roadmap and architecture, and estimate customer acquisition channels based on your specific business model.

02. Prototype Creation

4-6 weeks

Our UX architects develop a simple prototype that demonstrates all the vital product functionality and user flow. With a prototype, we can test your boldest ideas and choose the best solutions possible at this stage.

03. MVP Build-up

3-4 months

Our team adheres to the Agile and Scrum methodologies that allow us to reduce the turnaround time and run excellent project management. We create MVPs that empower brands with valuable insights gained from real users in the real competitive environment.

04. Fully Fledged Product

4-6 months

After the range of improvements based on user feedback, we engineer a full-fledged commercial product ready to meet customers. This approach enables us to scale products faster and more effectively.

Test Real Market Demand with Minimal Risks and Cost

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